Mike and Ada are a husband and wife team. Ada is the main dog walker and a huge animal lover. Sometimes she greets the pets before the humans... sorry about that.

Cobi is a white Havanese Shih Tzu mix. She was adopted from Miami in 2013 and has been a blessing. She loves to sleep and snuggle. 

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A Professional Pet Sitting Business…

We specialize in providing high quality, individualized care to cats, dogs, and other small animals in and from the comfort of your own home, which offers the familiar, safe, and stress-free environment that your pets are used to.  We understand the human-pet bond and know your feathered, furry, and fur-less friends are more than “just” pets – they’re family.  If your pets could tell you how much they appreciate your time and consideration for their comfort and well-being, they certainly would!

Whether you’re working and your dog needs to get out of the house, or you’re traveling and your cat wants to stay home, we offer every kind of care they might need when you are away. Most importantly, we offer peace of mind.

Why Choose In-Home Care?

Your pets will experience much less stress, which in turn can help prevent illness or behavioral issues.
They will not be exposed to diseases or parasites from other people’s pets.
They will eat the same food and treats, receive their medicine at their regular times, and sleep in their normal comfortable surroundings.
They will have less disruption to their exercise routine and potty schedule.
They will receive personal attention and quality care each day from an experienced, professional caregiver.

You can have peace of mind that your pets are being well cared for in your absence. Bark and Kisses Pet Sitters, LLC is fully insured and bonded through Pet Sitters Associates, LLC, and our caregivers are trained by the American Red Cross in Pet CPR & First Aid.
You won’t have to impose on your family, friends, or neighbors to take care of your pet.
You will have extra crime-deterrent measures by having your home looked after when you are gone.  You can be assured that any home emergencies due to severe weather or unforeseen issues will be taken care of.
You won’t have to be inconvenienced or rushed by having to transport your pet anywhere before or after your trip.
You will be greeted by your healthy and happy pet at your front door upon your arrival!

Havi is a black Havanese. She was adopted from Plantation in 2016 and brings us lots of joy. She's a bit timid, yet spunky and full of energy. She loves to play with Cobi and is always at your side.  

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